Hi everyone, Pat here and barely functioning. I just wanted to thank all of you who came out and watched/participated in the 2nd Annual NES Marathon. I especially want to thank all those generous folks who donated and pulled through us. Whether it was $1 or $100, every donation was very appreciated, and when it thought like we would not reach our goal for Child’s Play Charity, somehow we rallied and made it past $15K. That is amazing, and you should all feel proud. If you did not have the chance to donate but still wish to do so, the Chip-In widget still is on the site so you can give a little more. It should be up until the end of day Tuesday, I believe.

I also want to thank our sponsors again and Ustream.tv for providing a very stable platform for the 28 hours we were live. Although some had issues in the beginning getting a smooth stream, overall I would say that it handled everything quite well, especially with the large number of people who were viewing the event.

Overall, we had 87,149 unique viewers who watched a total of 28,394 hours. Wow. That was over double the number of viewers of last year’s marathon (42,153). There was an average of 984 people who were watching the stream at any one point during its time on air. Very cool. Even in the wee hours of Sunday morning, there was usually several hundred people still watching and having fun.

Ian probably right now is in a hyperbaric chamber recovering, but I assure you he sends his thanks. He performed admirably and while his trademark surliness was there, his positive attitude for a good cause was even moreso. I couldn’t have survived the preparation and performance without him. As for me, I somehow am still kicking. In fact, only a 20 minute power nap was what I needed before I grabbed dinner last night with Frank. What were Frank’s thoughts on raising over $15,000 for Child’s Play Charity? “Cool.”


Pat and Ian play the unintentionally funny Quattro Sports.

Pat gets upset at Ian for insulting Top Secret Episode.

Pat mocks Bowser before beating Super Mario Bros.

Pat and Ian sweat it out in Super Team Games.

Pat plays through the Snow Field on his 4 death Contra run.

Pat and Ian wield zappers during while playing the creepy Chiller.

Pat plays the sensational Famicom shooter Recca Summer Carnival 92.

Ian and Pat test their arithmetic skills in Donkey Kong Jr. Math.

Ian about to throw baby Moses into a river while playing Bible Adventures.

Frank introduces the marathon exclusive Angry Video Game Nerd episode.

Pat obliterates Ian at Ice Hockey.

Abobo Death Match!

Pat and Ian stare down the viewers and threaten to stop playing if more donations aren’t received.

Pat and Ian Color a Dinosaur.

Ian and Pat square off in a Giants/Bills rematch in Tecmo Super Bowl.

Pat burns off some calories in Dance Aerobics!

Ian plays Duck Tales, his all-time favorite video game.

Pat and Ian display both a gray and gold Nintendo World Championships 1990 game cart.

It’s a Nintendo World Championships competition between Ian and Pat!

Exhausted but in good spirits, Pat and Ian sign off.