5th Annual NES Marathon

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Marathon Milestones & Goals!
(subject to change)

Donation Milestone Event Unlocked
$300 Super Dodge Ball
$600 Spy Hunter
$900 Gumshoe
$1,200 Three Stooges
$1,500 Duck Tales Speed Run
$1,800 Pro Jared appearance
$2,100 Arkanoid
$2,400 Mighty Final Fight
$2,700 Eliminator Boat Duel
$3,000 Dragon Spirit
$3,300 Super Team Games – Power Pad
$3,600 Kevin Lieber appearance
$3,900 Mr. Gimmick
$4,200 Gun Nac
$4,500 Quattro Sports
$4,800 Kung Fu speed run
$5,100 Andre Meadows appearance
$5,400 Tecmo Superbowl – Giants vs Bills
$5,700 Pat tries to land in Top Gun with wacky controller
$6,000 Ian Chooses a Game
$6,300 brentalfloss appearance
$6,600 Silk Worm
$6,900 Street Cop – Power Pad
$7,200 Rush N Attack
$7,500 Dusty Diamond All Star Softball
$7,800 Roo appearance
$8,100 Pro Wrestling Faceoff
$8,400 Skate or Die with Rolling Rocker
$8,700 Top Secret Episode
$9,000 Contra No Death Run Attempt
$9,300 8-bit Alli appearance
$9,600 Super Off Road
$9,900 Pat Chooses a Game
$10,200 Anticipation
$10,500 Ice Hockey Challenge
$10,800 Color A Dinosaur
$11,100 AVGN Exclusive Mini Review!
$11,400 Gotcha!
$11,700 Wally Bear and the No! Gang
$12,000 Recca Carnaval Score Attack
$12,300 Ian hugs Pat for 8 seconds
$12,600 Frank stops by
$12,900 Sunday Funday Karaoke
$13,200 Dance Aerobics – Power Pad
$13,500 Rock N Ball
$13,800 Pixel Dan appearance
$14,100 Mega Man V
$14,400 Abobo Deathmatch
$14,700 Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat
$15,000 Nintendo World Championships Gold vs Gray Playoff!

About the Author

Pat Contri has emerged from being an obscure game reviewer to being a *relatively* obscure game reviewer. It could be his knowledge/love of Nintendo, it could be his quirky/bizarre sense of humor, or it could just be the hair. He has appeared on Spike TV and in your NES fever dreams.