Is Corpse Killer really that bad? Yes… But you still may want to check it out

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Both the Sega CD and the 32x weren’t exactly considered successes, despite a few stand-out titles the early 90’s had some severe shifts in gaming technology (CD storage, polygonal graphics) that just couldn’t be truly embraced by these early attempts to beef up the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis).

Corpse Killer is another story. Similar to games like Sewer Shark, Mad Dog McCree and Texas Ground Zero, you’re shooting things against a video background. It’s not an elegant effect, it hasn’t aged well and the game play portion is incredibly shallow.

As I played through the game however, I discovered there was more to this game than I first realised. Once you abort your first mission, you’re placed on a dashboard full of different FMV clips filling in the back story. If you can navigate to the map screen, you can actually undertake side quests for points, health and magic bullets. For a game where the main story is so rushed, I was blown away by the strategy required to make it to the end of the game (Hint: I didn’t make it).

While producing this episode, I found a great ‘behind the scenes’ video from Digital Pictures detailing the process of making an FMV game. Even though it’s easy to look and laugh at how terrible the games are… This feels like it’d be the ultimate job. Working on a video game with a low-budget and small crew, you’re literally filming some action and drama before heading back to the studio to do VFX work for the gameplay portion.

While the results aren’t groundbreaking, it looks like the team behind it are having a blast and watching the ‘behind the scenes’ really makes me wonder if we can ever get to this point again? Especially with the amount of high quality YouTubers and self-taught programmers, could we ever have an FMV revival?