GalaxyTrail has announced that a sequel to their popular Sega-inspired platform game Freedom Planet is currently in development, and they’ve released a beautifully animated teaser trailer to go with it.

While the original game is notable for its 16-bit retro style, and gameplay inspired by Treasure and Sonic the Hedgehog, Freedom Planet 2 seems to be overhauling the presentation a bit. According to the official website, the core gameplay will be similar, but the graphics will be rendered in a higher resolution. The three main heroines of the first game are also returning, but they’ve been dramatically redesigned. According to creator Stephen DiDuro, “we feel that we are ready to bid farewell to nostalgia and create a sequel that will define Freedom Planet’s identity as a franchise.”

The team working on the game boasts some impressive talent, including pixel artist Rafael Ventura, known for his work on Skullgirls and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, and programmer Christian “Taxman” Whitehead, who developed the Retro Engine that powered the Enhanced Edition of Sonic CD. Many of the voice actors from the first game are also returning, including Dawn M. Bennett as Lilac.

No release date is set at this time, but GalaxyTrail hopes to have a beta ready in 2017. Freedom Planet 2 will be available for PC (Windows, Mac OS and Linux), followed by a Nintendo platform (either Wii U or NX, depending on the latter’s launch and availability of dev tools), and possibly others as resources permit.

Development of Freedom Planet 2 will not impact the free DLC for the original game that’s currently in beta.

Be sure to check out the official website at for more info.