Kyh gives the topic of peer pressure the old ‘one two’!

Okay, okay! I'll buy a PS4 if you stop stuffing me in my locker!

Okay, okay! I’ll buy a PS4 if you stop stuffing me in my locker!

I’m sure this has happened to us all at some point. The latest AAA title makes its way to the stores and suddenly everyone and their ultra hip grandmother are playing it, which often leads to discussions about it and how great it is. The only thing is . . . you don’t like it so much. Sure, you’ve played it for a bit, maybe on the demo unit at the store, maybe at a friend’s house, maybe through *ahem* less legal means, but no matter how you try to excuse its flaws, the game just isn’t to your liking. So do you take your friends’ crap about how it doesn’t make you a ‘real’ gamer for dissenting against popular opinion? Or do you fight back with some choice words (and actions) of your own?

There's no joke I can make about this image that hasn't already been made . . .

There’s no joke I can make about this image that hasn’t already been made . . .

  1. LIE: This may well be the easiest option here. When someone points to you and asks you how you liked said game, just throw some falsehoods at them. If fabrication is a weaker point for you, try one of these:
    “I haven’t played it yet.”
    “Yeah, it was good. I agree with what you guys said.”
    “Dude, my dog just died. Can we talk about something else?”
    Evade! Evade! Evade!
  2. Even if you never peeked at someone else's test, I'm sure you've used one of these before. Cheater!

    Come on, I’m sure you’ve used one of these before. Cheater!

  3. CHEAT: This method takes a bit of work beforehand, but could save you in a pinch. If you can’t say something nice about a game . . . just ‘borrow’ someone else’s words! Use the trusty old internet to find a few game review sites and read up about the latest releases. Nothing says ‘original opinion’ like the phrase “I give this game an 8/10”.
  4. And our parents thought The Simpsons was just a stupid cartoon. Bart taught us a lot!

    Hey, anything you see on The Simpsons is okay to do!

  5. STEAL: Turn the question back on your friend. More of a classic method, when asked your opinion, simply curtail the inquiry by turning it back on them.
    “I dunno, what did you think?”
    After listening to what they had to say, you can either give no effort to a response:
    “Oh, yeah, I agree with you.”
    or repeat what they said without doing so word-for-word (finally, your high school English classes are coming to good use).
    “User interface was sloppy? Yeah, they weren’t as tight as they should have been. Who needs to go through five menus just to save the game?”
  6. Let's just hope your fights never come to this.

    Let’s just hope your fights never come to this.

  7. FIGHT: Be honest. No need to lie to your friends. With any luck, they’ll take your opinion as openly as you give it. But be prepared to come to verbal blows if this is not the case. Of course, depending on who you’re speaking with, you may have to deal with physical blows as well.
    “Pokemon X/Y? Nah, why would I play those games? They’re for little kids, you freak! I play manly games, like Animal Crossing. Now, that shit is real!”
  8. Debatetality!


  9. KILL: Destroy their opinion. Many people are not prepared to have an intense argument when asking a simple, casual question. Educate yourself through whatever sources suit you: Wikipedia, random blogs, sites that offer free classes like Coursera . . . or the library, I guess. It takes a special skill to wield the sword of logic and argument. If you feel you’re ready to poke holes in your friend’s reasoning, run through a sample argument in your head. As any good debater knows, you have to be prepared for what the opposing side will say. Then, wait for the moment of truth when they turn to you on the couch and say, “Hey, what did you think about . . .” However fallible your rants may be, your vehemence will likely shut them up.

Victory. Who needs friendship anyway? But seriously, if you can’t be open and honest with your friends about your obsession with everything Bungie, then are they really your friends?

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