They’re like the Kardashians, only less annoying. Here’s some advice on ways to afford the rising cost of gaming.

Mario, share?

Gaming can be a difficult pastime to keep up with. Many of us have ‘real world’ issues that we deal with everyday like jobs, school and family, and yet we’re still able to find a way to stick our faces in front of that LCD screen. Things can get rough keeping up with every aspect of video games. Of course, there’s all the news flying at you from every which podunk website (except The Punk Effect, where you’ll find only high quality videos, news & event coverage and immaculately written articles). Instead, I’m here to give you a little advice on how to make it’s effects on your wallet a little more bearable. <cue Nelly> Hey, must be the money!</cue>

We can’t all afford game rooms.

  1. Out with the old, in with the new. As someone who is intent on becoming a collector, it pains me to suggest this, but I have to go with the obvious and say to sell the games you don’t play anymore. At $40-60 a pop, new games can get expensive, so why not make a little room on your game shelf? You’ll make a fellow gamer happy and be supporting the gaming industry at the same time. The millionaires at Microsoft thank you.

  2. Dear neighbor, if I ever look that excited checking my mail, please shoot me.

  3. Rent games from a store/website. Another obvious choice, but when money’s tight, paying about $20/month to play the latest and greatest games (or not so latest and not so greatest) is a cheap alternative to buying them outright. You can still discuss the latest FPS with your friends without having spent all that much for the experience. Plus, this option stops you from having that feeling of disappointment when you’ve finished a game you know you’ll never play again. Damn you Guitar Hero 3 and your non-band-ness!

  4. At some point it stops looking like a game room and starts looking like a museum.

  5. Get a rich friend. This is possibly the best advice I’ve ever given: find a rich person (preferably someone who’s into gaming), become their friend, then invite yourself over all the time to play video games. While this may not be the easiest thing to accomplish, once you have, you’ll be set for as long as you can maintain the relationship. Hmm . . . I think my mom gave me the same advice regarding marriage . . .

  6. What this scene looks like in my version of the movie.

  7. Sell yourself. Okay, this idea is a little out there, but I know some of you may be open to the idea. And just to make it clear, I am only suggesting this for people who live in places where this is legal! Please don’t get arrested on my account . . . though if you do, I’d love a copy of your mugshot! (creepy)
  8. Ahem, so back to this idea . . . assuming you’re not of ‘crack whore’ status, meaning you’ll take any customer who throws a buck at you, you should be able to buy your very own copy of Diablo III in just a few hours of work. Of course, if you’ve got the appropriate goods, you could very well be buying consoles by the armload after a single night . . . but we can’t all live the fantasy of Pretty Woman (I like to pretend her closet hid a small tv where she’d sit and play Contra during the day).

    Link misses you already.

  9. Quit playing video games. Seriously, if you’re not willing to spend money on them in any capacity, this is not the hobby/obsession/reason-I-see-a therapist for you. Grab all the gaming material you have, pack them in a box for transportation and donate them to your nearest Goodwill (if only so I can snatch them up!). I’m sorry, but there are just some things in life you have to let go of. Hugs?

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