Today it was revealed that Justin Carmical, better known by his popular Internet persona JewWario, died from an apparent suicide. His wife Jenny Valentine revealed through Facebook that she had been with Justin in his final moments. The exact circumstances behind his suicide are not yet fully known, but the sad news has already begun to spread across the Internet. Former colleagues and friends of Justin have expressed their condolences through Twitter and Facebook, myself included.

When I first heard this horrible news, I honestly could not believe what I was reading. With the Internet video gaming community being comprised of mostly younger people, death is something very seldom that we have to experience. And when things like this happen, it only hurts evermore. Justin was a man so full of life and energy, always bringing in consistently entertaining and informative content. His series You Can Play This, a show that dealt with import games and systems, was in fact one of the many major influences that inspired me to pursue Japanese as a second language. Every time I import something from Japan, my thoughts immediately turn to Justin and how he inspired me to overcome the language barrier. I always looked forward to the yearly That Guy With The Glasses crossovers, where Justin would always make hilarious appearances. I was a very big fan of Justin’s, but unfortunately never had the chance to meet him in person. Just being on the same site as him though, truly was a great honor.

As we all begin to recover from this great loss, it is important to remember that suicide is never the answer. The saying may be cliched, but it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you are ever feeling depressed or lonely, seek out help. There are genuine people out there who care and will help you through whatever you’re facing. Always treasure those closest to you and don’t go through adversity alone. Life is a very precious thing that can only be experienced once. Justin’s life may have been unfairly short, but it certainly was not wasted. We will always remember you, Justin, and how your contributions to video gaming touched all of us. Goodbye, JewWario. You will sorely be missed.