Ever since Deadpool’s boom in popularity, he has been the subject of much comparison between himself and the flagship hero of the Marvel universe, Spider-man. Between his quips, red costume, and off-putting fighting style, the comparisons are bound to come up. But not only have they been compared, but in some circles of the internet (fangirls) the pair have even been shipped together, while other have wanted a buddy cop style story-line featuring the pair. Well, the internet asked for it, and MARVEL SHALL PROVIDE.


A new on-going series as written by previous Deadpool writer Joe Kelly, is now on store shelves and ready for reader consumption. While I am personally more excited for the Deadpool+Cable team-up title, I cannot deny this title did not catch my eye, especially after recent history regarding these two characters. In order to properly explain why the publishing of this book RIGHT NOW is so interesting, i must give a brief summation of current events regarding these two heroes.

In Deadpool’s solo title, he has become the subject of much heart-ache, and EXPANSIVE character depth. In recent years (thanks to this solo title), Deadpool has gone from a jokey wacky farce of a mercenary who broke the fourth wall, to a beautifully tragic hero attempting to do the best he can with the horrid hand fate has dealt him. He discovered he had an illegitimate child and moved heaven and Earth to find her and give her all she could ever want or need. He only managed to find her AFTER he discovered that her mother met with a terrible fate which he blames himself for. He has also managed to gain the undying respect of 2 of Marvels most revered heroes, Captain America, and Wolverine. He has gained so much respect, he was even invited to join an Avengers team under the direction of Captain America. THIS brings us to Spider-man.

While Deadpool has featured very somber and dark stories with splashes of comedy, the Spider-man…. has been the subject of absolute ludicrousness in his solo title. In recent years, Spider-man has had his mind swapped with his long time enemy, Doctor Octopus. Doc Oc then killed his original body in order to live on as a SUPERIOR Spider-man. He revamped Spider-mans technology, and even went as far as to revamp Peter Parker’s personal life, bringing Peter to his ABSOLUTE potential. He started Parker Industries, a technology start-up that now threatens rival Stark Industries in terms of influence and technological advancement. Needless to say, peter eventually got his body back and was gifted with the technology of Doctor Octopus, as well as the new life Otto had created for him. In other words, Spidey has had everything served to him on a silver platter.

In the first issue of uncanny Avengers, Spider-man fights alongside the newly formed Avenger team, but continuously berates Deadpool, assuming him to be an idiot, and not understanding the consequences of his actions on the battle-field. Deadpool brushes Spidey off and states that they won, Deadpool made the right call and saved thousands of people from danger. Regardless of his effectiveness, Spider-man assumes a moral high road, and claims to be ABOVE working alongside Deadpool, quitting the team.


This brings us to today’s story, what is Spider-man/Deadpool ALL ABOUT? Deadpool wants to prove himself as a hero to Spider-man and show him he is worth the web-slinger’s time. Sadly, DEADPOOL was the one who came up with the plan of HOW to win Spidey’s trust, needless to say it does not go over well. Deadpool orchestrates a fight between the two of them and the demon DORMAMU (an actor posing as Dormamu, truthfully). They manage to dispatch the demon, but Spider-man only berates Wade for distracting him while he was battling his long-time villain Hydro-man.


Deadpool repeatedly tries to interject, and assist Spidey in taking down Hydro-man, but only ends up annoying him ever more. It gets to the point where Spider-man WILLINGLY lets Deadpool get severely injured and practically MUTILATED, just because he knows it wont KILL Deadpool. Finally Deadpool confronts Spidy, admitting verbally all he wants to do is prove himself as a hero to Spider-man. Spidey just swings off cursing at himself “Just hate him, hate him, it’s easy, you’ve been doing it for years.”


This is well within Spidey and Deadpool’s characters, but it reveals something much more sinister about the web slinger. While he touts that he wants to use Parker industries to help reform former super villains, and give them chances to redeem themselves, he wont do the same for Deadpool? granted, Deadpool has killed many people in his life, but the same can be said of Cpatain America and Wolverine, yet they receive nothing but respect from Spider-man. Spider-man REFUSES to admit anything positive could come from Deadpool, he even did so in the Uncanny Avengers title, where he makes a snide belittling comment regarding Deadpool getting married and having a child. When you really analyze Spider-man’s sense of moral authorityl, he is a pious DICK. people may have said that One More Day was a betrayal of Spider-man’s character, but when you look deeper into the web slinger, there is a darkness to him, and a very unlikable person beneath the surface.

Perhaps this book can help to expand on Parker’s character and help show how his pious nature is truly a fault, and not a virtue. I look forward to seeing this story and seeing the potential for comedic GOLD unfold before us. This book could NOT have been released at a better time, as those unfamiliar with Deadpool, but have an idea of who Spider-man is, may want to pick this up in oder to get a feele for what kind of character you may be subjected to in the upcoming DEADPOOL MOVIE. Give this book a shot, its well worth a look.