Star Wars: THE FORCE AWAKENS, the seventh film in the Epic Star Wars saga is FINALLY upon us. After Nearly 10 years since the release of Star Wars episode 3, fans are finally about to receive a return to the Star Wars universe they grew up with. No longer are we stuck in a Senate discussing galactic politics and Jedi bureaucracy and philosophy, we’re back in the trenches with our X-Wings, Tie Fighters, Rebels and EMPIRE!

The final trailer was just released this past week, and everyone has been analyzing and discussing all the Easter eggs and details throughout the little we are given. Oh…. But what LITTLE trailer we receive is more than enough to get THIS fan-boy’s HYPE TRAIN rolling at top speed! I have been a fan of the Star Wars series my entire life, and I am MORE than PUMPED for a new installment into the franchise. And to get the Hype train started, I am going to pick apart and dissect this newest trailer and share with you all my hopes, expectations and FEARS regarding “THE FORCE AWAKENS”.

Episode VII thoughts-1

Every trailer, and nearly every scrap of news thus far has REALLY attempted to hammer the point home that these films are a return to form for the Star Wars franchise. An attempt to welcome old fans back to a more familiar universe than that of the Prequel trilogy. Nothing helps express this feeling more, than the sights of Han and Leia throughout the various trailer, and especially here, where Han reveals to our new protagonists Rey and Finn that the ancient legends of the Jedi are all true. This in ITSELF is amazing, most Star Wars fans will recall that Han Never believed in the Jedi, or the Force. For him to state that they are FACTUAL and definitely exist, is massive character development for our aged hero.  I guess after 30 years hanging out with Luke, the Force FINALLY rubbed off on him.

Episode VII thoughts-5

But that’s enough about the old, WHAT ABOUT THE NEW? Kylo Ren and the FIRST ORDER (a.k.a. a faction of the Empire’s remnants) serve as our main antagonists this time around, what can we gather about them? Well, it appears that in the fallout of the Empire’s defeat in Episode VI that factions of what remains of the Imperial fleet have risen to assume authority in the Power vacuum. Kylo Ren himself appears to be what remains of the Sith Inquisitors (a faction of Force sensitive agents and assassins used by the Empire to weed out Rebels and Hunt Jedi). But due to the state of his lightsaber (the subject of much debate), he doesn’t quite fit the bill of an Inquisitor. NO, I will NOT comment on the use of a lightsaber crossguard, what I WILL comment on is the fact that his saber appears to be rather unstable. Most lightsabers appear in a very stable, focused beam of light. Kylo Ren’s saber is erratic, and appears to have a ripple effect throughout it’s beam.

Episode VII thoughts-6

At first i was worried that this would become the new STANDARD of Lightsaber effects, but thanks to Finn’s use of Luke/Anakin’s saber in the newest trailer, I can see that Kylo’s saber is the only saber that exhibits these unstable qualities. What does this have to do with anything, you may be asking? Well, if Kylo’s lightsaber was crafted using an UNSTABLE lightsaber crystal, it could easily become faulty, or weaken in a prolonged Lightsaber duel, which could play into his eventual defeat.

But what is Kylo Ren AFTER, what is his endgame? He looks to Vader’s destroyed mask and whispers “I will finish…. what you started”. Without any specific context to this statement, and given what information we ARE aware of, I can safely conclude that Kylo Ren…………… Is an obsessed fanboy begging for Vader senpai to notice him. We have been told that he is scouring the galaxy, collecting relics relating to Darth Vader, and his final prize, and the focus of Episode VII is Anakin’s original Lightsaber. So, while our protagonists will be directly taught by the previous trilogy’s heroes, our villain is left to pine wishing he could be as good as HIS predecessor. But enough about teh MAIn story, Star Wares has an ENTIRE UNIVERSE of side stories, cultures, and characters. And what side character is more famous, than the Galaxie’s greatest Bounty Hunter, BOBA FETT.

Episode VII thoughts-3

No, Boba Fett does NOT appear in the trailer, and there has been no news in regards to him having a presence on screen either, BUT HOPE REMAINS. Why? There are 2 frames in the newest trailer depicting the possibilitiy of mandalorian involvement in this new trilogy. Finn, Rey, and Han are seen Approaching a temple in the trailer, and atop the temple are a series of banners. The banners and flags belong to various cultures in the Star Wars mythos, from pod racers to rival Underworld gangs, but the most prevalent one sits center frame amid all the other banners, THE MYTHOSAUR. For the uninitiated, the Mythosaur is a giant, CITY SIZED creature which was hunted down and defeated by Mandalore The First. Who is Mandalore teh First? Well, he was the first monarch to unite warriors across the galaxy under a single Warrior culture, they were known as MANDALORIANS. two of the most famous, and best known mandalorians are Jango and Boba Fett.

Episode VII thoughts-2

Seeing an insignia such as this, presented very much in the forefront shows to me that Disney realizes not only how popular the Mandalorians stories and characters are, but how much they respect the expanded universe stories. until now, the Mythosaur has never been expressly advertised in the new “OFFICIAL STAR WARS CANON”. Buts eeing it here give me hopw. What else gives me hope? Well, how about a group of what APPEAR to be Mandalorians fighting alongside Kylo Ren, as seen in the new trailer. What makes me say these are Mandalorians? Well, in the image above, you can see one circled head, his appears to have a T-Visor on his helmet. The T-visor is used by most Mandalorian warriors, including Jango and Boba fett. If Kylo Ren was able to hire a group of Mandalorian warriors to fight by his side, not only would that be AWESOME, but it could easily spell trouble for our heroes.

SO, we have ancient heroes, Inquisitor fanboys, and Mandalorians EVERYWHERE! What isn;t there to love about being a Star Wars fan now-a-days, huh?