The final issue of the most recent Transformers WINDBLADE mini series has hit the shelves. Since the end of Combiner Wars, Windblade has been working alongside “Lord” Starscream in an attempt to rally other Cybertronian colony worlds to rejoin with their home-world. Overall, their attempts have been successful, but their motives behind the attempts are questionable. Stascream obviously wants to rule over the colony worlds as part of his domain, while Windblade hopes to achieve unity and peace, while simultaneously attempting to OVERTHROW the Screaming seeker.

Windblade 7-cover

The two Cybertronians make no reservations about stating their intent to kill one another, yet they are forced to work alongside each other merely for political stability’s sake. “Together” they managed to include 3 new colony worlds, a Beast Wars-esque colony, a world of mini-bots, and Velocitron, the racing planet. Only one more colony remains before the council of planets may officially be formed, a colony not of a planet, but of a Star Ship, set adrift through the vast cosmos of the galaxy.

This ship originally embarked from Cybertron well before the Great Civil War which only recently came to an end. The ship was manned by philosophers seeking the truth of the universe. However, it appears they never found it, as they never returned. They now have a chance TO return as their ship is now accessible via spacebridge by Windblade and Lord Starscream. The pair set off together (begrudgingly) to attempt to convince the people of the starship Tempo to join their alliance of worlds.

Windblade 7-1

However,m upon arrival, they are set upon by a rather hostile welcoming party. They are nearly killed on the spot before they are met by the ship’s leader, Elita One. EWlita One was the leader of the female Autobots in the G1 cartoon, and appears to be cast in a similar role in this IDW incarnation. However, while she is their leader, she makes note that their ship is not called the TEMPO, but is in fact called Carcer, a name she says is more fitting as the Tempo is a very different ship now. The people of Carcer are soldiers, dedicated to efficiency and loyalty, even giving themselves to the ship in order to keep it running.

Windblade 7-2

Needless to say, once approached by Starscream and his offer to rejoin with Cybertron, his sense of loyalty and honestly are quite transparent. Thus, Elita One has very little patience for him and orders his execution on the SPOT! Windblade attempte to intervene. She is unable to tell Elita she is wrong about Starscreams character, but she does make a compelling argument that he does not deserve to die for for his selfish ambitions alone. She even divulges her own intentions, hoping to have the people of Carcer join the council, to help outweigh Starscream’s voice. The honesty is much appreciated by Elita, as she agrees to join with their council as per Windblade’s request.

Windblade 7-3

Windblade and Starscream soon return to Cybertron. Starscream doesn’t understand why Windblade attempted to save him; she explains that if he is to die, it should be in public and for a reason more deserving. This mirrors a comment made by Starscream where he directly tells Windblade he looks forward to seeing her publicly executed one day.

This mini series comes to an end with the council being convened for the first time, and the people of Cybertron crying out in unrest against their “Lord” Starscream. the story is said to continue in yet another mini series next march, which will continue the story of unrest on Cybertron. overall, I love any of the stories focusing on the politics of the Cybertronians. That may sound strange, but it is far more interesting to watch these characters flesh out their personalities through political intrigue, than it is to see them fighting nameless drones on a battlefield.

The artwork for this series has been consistently more cartoon-esque than the last Windblade mini-series, yet it allows for far more expressive character designs. Like I said before, this allows for much more personality and character to shine through. I highly recommend any fan of the Transformers who is absolutely SICK of the constant battle stories, like those of the Bay films, to read these IDW titles. it will be money very well spent.