The Atari 2600 is such a mysterious system to collect for. New rarities are found every year, including games such as Air Raid and Gamma Attack which were thought of as only myths until copies started showing up in the past few years. How does this keep happening? Well, creating 2600 games back in the early 80’s was not such so incredibly difficult that one or two people could not have done it in their garage and then do a mail order or local release. If that happened, a local/regional retail release could theoretically occur with almost no one ever discovering it outside of that area. Extra Terrestrials is an example of this.

Extra Terrestrials was made by a local Ontario family and then sold door-to-door to local retailers. The family estimates that only 200 were purchased for sale by the retailers, and then who knows how many from there actually ended up in people’s homes. The copy that just has been found could very well be the last known copy to exist.

Take a look at the video below for more information. Syd Bolton, curator of the Personal Computer Museum, talks about the game that was donated to him and shows off the gameplay. It’s a two player only game, and be sure to notice a certain ripped-off sprite that is used for one of the characters.