A new game in the Cruis’n series of driving games has been spotted in a Chicago arcade. Titled Cruis’n Adventure, the new game is developed by Raw Thrills, apparently under license from Nintendo.

The original Cruis’n USA was released in arcades in 1994, and was a classic checkpoint racing game similar to OutRun (but without the branching paths). It was developed by Midway and designed by Eugene Jarvis (who’s also known for arcade classics such as Defender, Robotron 2084 and Smash T.V.). The game was later ported as a launch title for the Nintendo 64 in 1996. Several sequels followed, including Cruis’n World, Cruis’n Exotica, and Cruis’n Velocity.

Raw Thrills was co-founded by Jarvis in 2001, and its own series of racing games based on the Fast & Furious movie franchise is considered to be a spiritual successor to the Cruis’n series due to its gameplay similarities. The original The Fast and the Furious arcade game was even ported to the original Wii in 2007 with the license stripped out, and re-branded simply as Cruis’n.

The new game is currently only in a test phase, but is built on an entirely new game engine separate from the Fast & Furious games. The final release date is unknown at this time.

Source: Arcade Heroes via GoNintendo

Image from Arcade Heroes (click for larger version):