Last Thursday, a new trailer for the film adaption of GameCenter CX was released. The film will be released on February 22 in Japan and revolves around the classic NES/Famicom game Mighty Bomb Jack. The trailer can be viewed here:

For the uninitiated, GameCenter CX is a Japanese television program staring comedian Shinya Arino. Arino-san is not the best at video games, yet he’s constantly given old-school retro titles to play as part of the show. It can take anywhere from hours to days for him to get through them. Sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses. It’s all in good fun. Besides playing through games, GameCenter CX also features multiple segments with him doing things such as visiting famous arcades and shops. Occasionally, he’ll even get a chance to interview famous people like Hideo Kojima. The series has seen widespread success in both Japan and the rest of the world. Many episodes have even been hosted here on The Punk Effect and I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen the series to check the full list of episodes available on the site here.

GameCenter CX is currently in its 17th season, with the movie celebrating the show’s tenth year anniversary. The film, titled GameCenter CX The Movie: 1986 Mighty Bomb Jack, features two parallel stories taking place in a 1986 and 2006 Japan respectively. The 1986 portion stars child actor Hajime Yoshii in the role of Daisuke, a young boy trying to confess his feeling to a girl he likes all while attempting to beat the Famicom game Mighty Bomb Jack. This storyline will make heavy uses of 1980s otaku culture, such as having references to classic anime such as Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Fist of the North Star. The 2006 story stars Shinya Arino as his GameCenter CX Kachō (section chief) persona. The stories will contain many connections to one another, with the poster tagline calling the film “For everyone who loved Famicom.” It will be directed by Masatoshi Kurakata.

In 2012, North American distributor Discotek Media released a box set of the series re-titled Retro Game Master. It featured 14 select episodes from the show, though only offered the “game challenge” segments. I don’t personally own it due to having low expenses at the moment, though I’d be perfectly happy in accepting it as a donation from anyone out there. It’d make a great review for the site. *nudge, nudge* *wink, wink*


Come on, I can dream right? ; )


Original news source: Anime News Network