As far as I can remember, when it came to partaking in games that required roles, I was always some form of healer/support role.

● When I play League of Legends, I’m a Support Nami/Soraka/Taric.
● When I play World of Warcraft, I’m a healadin or a resto druid.
● When I play Team Fortress 2, I play the Medic class.
● When I play Magic the Gathering, I always seem to make cleric decks.
● When I play Dungeon and Dragons, I always seem to play as the Bard.

The list goes on and on and on. Most of the time, these roles always go thankless. But do they go blameless? Hell no.

● When the team fails in League of Legends, blame my Soraka for not healing enough.
● When our raid wipes in WOW, blame all the healers! (that’s how LFR works!)
● When the Heavy is dominated, blame the Medic for not ubering.
● When you lose a game of Magic, the winner points out that cleric decks suck.
● And when Dungeon and Dragons Nights end in blood and nerd-on-nerd violence, it’s because the Bard didn’t roll a 20.

And despite all of those gripes, I (and many others, though our numbers are few) still volunteer to take on what is usually the most stressful and mentally-painful roles in any game out there that has these roles. Why? Because it’s necessary, and to in some kind of masochistic way, it’s fun. But mainly it’s necessary.

Why Do We Support?

SUMMONER 5 [ME]: “Support (sigh…)”

Taking a bit of inspiration from the Bible, in 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31, they mentioned that if a foot denies its importance because it’s not a hand, or that an ear feels like it doesn’t belong because it’s not an eye, and that all of the body was of one part (in this case, all eyes), the body as a whole would be ineffective (and if you saw a body made entirely of eyes, you’d be scared shitless). Going on, if the eye denies the need for hands, or the head denies the need for feet, you’d still get the same ineffective result (and if you saw an entire body composed of heads, hands, and eyes…you’d still be scared shitless). Every part is necessary, no matter what.

Which in terms of playing games, every role necessary for victory. Even the ones that no one wants to partake of (supports/healers/bards/etc.).

Yes, I did used quotes from the Bible to help people understand the importance of support roles in gaming
and also reference a body made entirely of eyes, just like the ones in MST3K episode:
“The Attack of the (the) Eye Creatures”

My Personal Experience: It’s A Thankless Job but Someone’s Gotta Do it.

Half the Time, This is What I Want to Do When I’m Healing a Raid

Having been born into a family of doctors, nurses, and other experts in the field of medicine, and having worked in my father’s pain management clinic for many years, it’s only natural that my role in gaming will always lead to path of healing. I guess when you are so used to helping the injured getting back to working and fit shape, healing a 25-man raid through the Siege of Orgrimmar might seem kind of natural.

I mean I’ve never been one to deal tons damage like a DPS (hell, I think the many times I’ve been beaten up in grade school, high school, and college has proven that) or take on damage/problems head on (I whimper and cry like a Frenchman when I get a papercut), the only role I seem comfortable in is being a support/healer role.

Though I am a bit of a different kind of healer that most tend to believe. Everyone thinks that a healer/support person is a caring, loving, motherly person who makes the boo-boos go away. WRONG! Just like the raging tank/dps that spouts out more obscenities than your average 10-year-old COD player, us healers can be some mean sons-of-a-bitches. I mean, when I see a Protection-Warrior Tank pull ALL of the mobs in a room, I am almost tempted to let him die, in some cases, I do (though I rather not wipe on trash mobs….even if it is LFR).

But still, I, and many others who have been in my shoes, go on and heal the idiots that we support or set up the kills so that the carries can rack up the gold. Why? Because we want to win, that’s why. And we rather not waste our time with idiots. So whether you’re tanking Garrosh Hellscream, stealing enemy intel in 2Fort, or just recently bought a Trinity Force in Summoner’s Rift, remember who helped you get there. Whether it’s an Undead Holy Priest, a well-placed RED Engineer, or a “totally outrageous” gem-obsessed paladin, think twice next time before you start throwing the blame towards them when things go south (blame the jungler instead or call “hax”).