Kid Icarus Uprising x3

Here’s a nice triplet of Kid Icarus Uprising related news. 1) The game will have level-select from the getgo, allowing you to choose from where to start. 2) To accommodate this chapter-selection feature, the game will not have different difficulty levels; instead, the game’s difficulty will adapt to how far you are and how good you play. 3) Holy crap the Speedboard is back! Yeah, Kid Icarus Uprising will be shipped with a stand for your 3DS. Because, y’know, it’s so damn heavy.

Dragon Quest X will have single player after all

While it was originally announced that only the first few hours of the game would be playable in single player, Square-Enix has now cleared up that in theory, you could play the entire game by yourself. All you need to do is go to a bar and pick up some AI characters to fill up your party. Good news I guess, but I’m still a little anxious about the game as a whole…besides, playing an MMO by yourself? Kinda defeats the purpose.

France gets 50% less Vita

Sony seems to be getting wary; after the lukewarm reception of the PSVita in Japan, they have reportedly halved the number of PSVitas available at launch in France. Originally, 80,000 units were supposed to make it into stores on Feb 22nd, but according to French gaming site Playportable-live, this number has now been cut to only 40,000. It doesn’t bode well for the Vita, but let’s see if it can’t recuperate after the international launch; the 3DS didn’t hit the ground running either.

Luigi missing from Mario Party 9 box art

It’s official: Not even Mario likes Luigi. Proof? Well, if you take a look at the official Japanese Mario Party 9 box art, you’ll see that the green plumber is nowhere to be seen. Mario even invited Birdo and not one, but two Toads  to the party, but not his own brother? What a douche.

More developers speak out against SOPA

Now we’re really getting something: More and more developers are publicly speaking out against the Stop Online Piracy Act. Red 5 Studios have announced that they would not attend E3 to protest SOPA; Notch of Minecraft fame has also voiced his opposition to the act; Runic Games are also against SOPA, as are Riot Games. NVIDIA also noted that they don’t think SOPA is the right solution to stop piracy, and that they were not consulted by the ESA before they proclaimed their support for the bill.

Looks like things are looking up for the Internet and freedom in general. Let’s keep up the good fight.

New Pac-Man world record is amazing

Dave Rice from Ohio has broken his own record in Pac-Man and gets to keep his place at the top of the world’s leaderboards. He managed to score a perfect game in only 3 hours, 33 minutes and 12.69 seconds which is 55.31 seconds faster than is previous run. Scoring a perfect game in Pac-Man is achieved by getting 3,333,360 points by the final stage (255), a feat that most people can only dream of. It shouldn’t be too long now before someone – maybe Dave – manages to achieve the best possible time, thereby claiming the ultimate throne for all time. The record was confirmed by, where you can also watch a video of Dave’s journey through the maze.

New Metroid Prime in the works?

It looks as if Retro Studios could be working on a new Metroid Prime title, to be released on the Wii U. Right now this is only speculation, but it has been discovered by NeoGAF user Tovarisch that the developer has hired talent from both Naughty Dog and Vigil games to help work on a game slated for release this year. Since the designers they hired worked on both Uncharted 3 and Darksiders, it should be safe to assume that the mystery game in development will also have a more mature look to it – which is why most people believe it to be a new Metroid title. As long as Samus shuts up this time, I’m all for it.

Mega Man 2 Speedrun + Live band = DAMN

And now a huge helping of awesome to close this 20th Weekly Effect (woo!). Imagine a gamer doing a speedrun of Mega Man 2, while a live rock band plays the soundtrack around him. Unlikely? Not at MAGfest. Band Bit Brigade has teamed up with gamer Noah McCarthy to do exactly that…and thanks to Youtube user InfiniteBacon, we can all watch. Fasten your seatbelts, hold on tight and check out the video below.