Little Big Planet Karting leaked

Thanks to the unrestrained tweeting  of Canadian games retailer Future Shop, we know that Sony has announced a kart-racing spin-off to the insanely popular Little Big Planet franchise at a recent Destination PlayStation event.

“Little Big Planet Cart[sic] Racing announced for ps3. Move compatible wheel and 3D capable!”

While it would make sense to release it on the Vita, it seems as if the game will remain PS3 exclusive (at least for a while, you never know.) So if you’ve had enough of ModNation Racers, there ya go.


Converse Mario Sneakers

Yep, news about shoes of all things. Who would’ve thought? But these Mario-themed Converse sneakers are actually pretty darn cool, even though it’s not sure whether they’ll ever be released outside of Japan. Available in black and white leather versions, they’ll hit shelves at the end of March for ¥12,600 (~$164) which is really pricey for someone who usually doesn’t give a crap about footwear. But can you resist the oldschool goodness?


Killzone delayed indefinitely

The original PS2 Killzone was slated for a PSN port some time this year, but now it seems like the game has been  delayed…indefinitely. Nobody really knows why at this point, but it has given way to speculation that the game will received a full HD remake in place of a simple port. I wouldn’t mind a bit.

Chinese coin explodes, injures child

Yes, this doesn’t have anything to do with videogames, but it’s so weird and awesome in its own way that I just
had to write about it. Yes, it seems like Chinese coins have the ability to explode for no good reason at all. It
has happened 3 times over the last 5 years and always to children.

The last time it happened was a couple weeks ago; a mother in Jinjiang left her 3-year old son outside of a store
so he could ride one of those coin-operated cars. She gave him a coin, entered the store – and heard a lout bang.
When she ran back out smoke was everywhere, pieces of the coin were scattered around the ground and the child
suffered burns to his hand. The previous instances were all pretty similar.

So what happened? Analysis of the coins in question revealed no presence of volatile substances that could have
led to the explosion. So authorities came up with a different theory: They speculate that the children may have
brought the coin into contact with charged parts of electric bikes (battery, electrical sockets…) parked around
the area which caused a short circuit, which then in turn caused the coin to blow up for some reason. Unlikely? I
think so.

Theathrythm has 4-Player support

It was announced this week that Square-Enix’ strange Final Fantasy spinoff Theathrythm will receive support for
4-player multiplayer in a new mode called Chaos Temple Mode. Apparently playing cooperatively with your buddies
will make the game easier and also improve your chances of getting your hands on rare loot and items. It wasn’t
explained how exactly the multiplayer is going to work, but the inclusion is a nice addition either way.

Mario Kart hits Facebook

Another franchise has been Zucker’d: Mario Kart now has an app on Facebook. The “game” features the usual click-
n’-wait gameplay these kinds of social games are known for: You pick between 4 item boxes, receive an item,
choose a friend to attack with that item, receive points and then wait until you can pick another item to do the
whole thing over again. That’s it. Now isn’t that amazing? If for some reason you actually want to play this, you
can do so here. Just don’t expect anything nearly as fun as a real round of Mario Kart.