Ever since 2008, an independent group calling itself TheSpeedGamers has held periodic gaming marathons to raise money for charity. Starting on Friday, December 13, the group will begin their fifth Legend of Zelda marathon, with the intent of playing through every game in the series in under 72 hours.

During that time, they will be raising money for Mercy Corps which is currently aiding victims of the recent typhoons in the Philippines. TheSpeedGamers’ initial donation goal is $15,000. If they meet that goal within 72 hours, they will extend the marathon an extra day.

The marathon begins December 13 at about 7 pm EST/4 pm PST, and will be streamed live at their official website, thespeedgamers.com.

And for a bit of extra fun, be sure to celebrate Obligatory Ice Level Day, a month-long tribute to those wintery areas that pop up in so many games. Every day highlights a different level or area, featuring fan art by TSG’s official artist Jazaaboo who graciously allowed me to use her work as the featured image of this article. Plus, it’s a non-denominational holiday, so there’s no commitment!