Chris “Spida1a” Bucci’s excellent Turbo Views series (part of which can be found right here on The Punk Effect) has recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, and is a little more than halfway through its mission to review every TurboGrafx-16/CD/Duo game released in North America. Having posted the 75th review on YouTube (not counting imports, homebrews and other extras), Chris is busy putting together the third volume of the show’s DVD sets for release around February 1, 2014. The set is up for pre-order and, according to his website, includes the following:

“Pre-Order” Incentives:

– You will be the FIRST to receive a set!
– Each set will be numbered!
– A Turbo Views post-card will be included!
– And…by request…the Dracula-X-Cellent Master Tape (a VHS video
I created in 1994 of Castlevania: Dracula-X for the PC-Engine)
BONUS disc will be included to pre-order customers ONLY!

Volume 3 (3-DVD region free set) includes:

– Turbo Views episodes 51 – 75
– Turbo Views Import episodes 7 – 9
– Turbo Views “Home-brew” episode 1

…and exclusive special features:

– 29 isolated music tracks
– 13 “my memory” commentary Tracks
– Halfway (5th Anniversary) Retrospective and Revisit
– Halfway (5th Anniversary) Favorite Moments
– Chris’ Old Gaming Collection (re-edit from an original online upload)
– More “Totally Turbo Tips”
– Volume 2 commercial
– Season 3 Intro
– Animated Menus, a few Easter eggs, and more!!!!!

Pre-orders are available here:

Check out the official website: