Wrestling is God-Damn crazy… But it translates awesomely into a digital slug fest!


Wrestling video games have a very rich history spanning multiple systems… But they all come down to punching people in a square ring. Despite how far the technology has come, I feel like it’s either a genre people will love or hate but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m not a big wrestling fan, but it’s still a fighting game and the gameplay usually mimics (to an extent), those classic 2D Beat’em Ups; grabbing, throwing and pulling off moves while clearing screen after screen of enemies.

I wanted to celebrate some of my favourite (and even some of the ‘different’) wrestling games available. A wrestling video from a non-fan who has a special little nostalgic place in his heart and a love of hitting people virtually.

Wrestle War for the Sega Mega Drive
WCW Nitro for the Sony Playstation
WCW nWO Revenge for the Nintendo 64
WCW Mayhem for the Sony Playstation
The Simpsons Wrestling for the Sony Playstation
3 Count Bout for the Neo Geo

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And as always, a massive thanks to the guys from http://www.inredaudio.com for helping out with some of the music in this episode.